Academic Departments

Dunwoody has eight academic departments that house many different programs. The eight departments and related programs are listed in the following chart.

Arts and Sciences

Program Degree Level
General Education Degree Completion Courses Only


Program Degree Level
Automotive Technician Apprenticeship (ATAC)1 A.A.S.
Automotive Service Technology (AUTO) A.A.S.
Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing (COLL) A.A.S.
Mopar Career Automotive Program (MCAP) A.A.S.
Honda Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) A.A.S.
Toyota Technician Training & Education Network (TTEN) A.A.S.


Program Degree Level
Business Management & Leadership (AMGT)1 B.S.

Computer Technology

Program Degree Level
Computer Networking Technician (CNET) A.A.S.
Computer Networking Technician (CNET) Certificate
Computer Networking Systems (CNTS) A.A.S.
Computer Systems Analysis (BCSA) B.S.
Cybersecurity (CYBR) B.S.
Web Development (CDEV) A.A.S.
Web Programing & Database Developement (CWEB) A.A.S.

Construction Science & Building Technology

Program Degree Level
Architecture (BARCH) B-Arch
Architectural Drafting & Design (ARCH) A.A.S.
Construction Management (CMGT) B.S.
Construction Project Management (PMGT) A.A.S.
Construction Project Management (PMGT) Certificate
Electrical Construction Design & Management (ECDM) A.A.S.
Electrical Construction & Maintenance (ELEC) A.A.S.
Facilities Operations & Management (FOPS) A.A.S.
Heating & Air Conditioning Engineering Technology (HASD)1 A.A.S.
Heating & Cooling Service Professional (HCSV) A.A.S.
HVAC Installation & Residential Service (HEAT) A.A.S.
HVAC Installation (HEATSM) Certificate
HVACR Systems Servicing (SERV) A.A.S.
Interior Design (IDSN) B.S.
Land Surveying (SURV) Certificate
Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology (SCVL) A.A.S

Design & Graphics Technology

Program Degree Level
Graphic Design & Production (GRDP) A.A.S.

Health Sciences & Technology

Program Degree Level
Radiologic Technology (RTEC) A.A.S.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Program Degree Level
Automated Systems & Robotics (ASRO) A.A.S.
Design for Manufacturing: 3D Printing (3DPT) Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology (ELTT) A.A.S.
Electronics Technology (IELT) A.A.S.
Electronics Technology (IELT) Certificate
Engineering Drafting & Design (MDES) A.A.S.
Industrial Controls (ICOT) Certificate
Industrial Controls & Robotics (ICON) A.A.S.
Machine Tool Technology (MACH) A.A.S.
Right Skills Now for Manufacturing – CNC (RSNM) Certificate
Welding & Metal Fabrication (WMET) A.A.S.
Welding Technology (WELD) Certificate

School of Engineering

Program Degree Level
Electrical Engineering (EENG) B.S.
Industrial Engineering Technology (IENG) B.S.
Mechanical Engineering (MENG) B.S.
Software Engineering (SENG) B.S.