Academic Councils and Committees

Academic Deans Council

The Academic Deans Council meets the second Wednesday of each month. The Council is composed of the Provost, Academic Deans, Dean of Students, and the Learning Assistant. The purpose of the Council meetings is for strategic planning and execution of strategic initiatives.

Academic Leadership Council

The Academic Leadership Council meets the first Wednesday of each month. The Council is composed of the Provost, Academic Deans, Academic Directors, Dean of Students, Registrar, and the Learning Assistant. The purpose of the Council meetings is to address day-to-day operations (i.e. space and equipment needs, policies, policy changes, accreditation concerns, budgets, staff development, retention and enrollment efforts, event planning, employee recognition, award selections, etc.).

Learning Team

The Learning Team meets the third Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of the Provost, Dean of Students, Academic Deans, Academic Directors, and a representative from all departments that deal directly with students (Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Admissions, etc.). The purpose of the Learning Team is to discuss and share cross-departmental concerns and issues impacting students (financial, retention, enrollment, technology, safety, organizations, etc.).

Curriculum Quality Council (CQC)

The Curriculum Quality Council is comprised of faculty, the Curriculum & Assessment Specialist, and the Dean of Instruction. The group meets on a monthly basis. The Council’s mission is to oversee the quality of curriculum and instruction at Dunwoody College of Technology.

Specifically this will include:

  • Oversight and approval of new and revised curriculum
  • Oversight of existing curriculum
  • Establishment of college-wide policy regarding curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Review and evaluate College and programmatic assessment processes
  • Provide education and instruction to the deans, program managers and faculty on quality curriculum, instruction and assessment

Program Advisory Committee

Dunwoody’s programs are required to have a Program Advisory Committee (PAC). A PAC is a volunteer committee of representatives who provide advice about the direction of Dunwoody’s academic programs and services and help the College take appropriate action to provide relevant learning. Each PAC is required to include a diverse group of representatives from the appropriate community, business, industry, profession, labor, alumni and secondary school affiliations. A range of diverse participants enables the College to receive the best possible advice about industry trends and technologies.

PAC meetings should be held two or more times per year. 

Each PAC has a PAC coordinator, which is a Dean, Academic Director, or designated faculty member. The PAC coordinator is responsible for:

  • Maintaining PAC member information
  • Organizing meetings
  • Agenda preparation
  • Meeting minutes
  • Completing assessments 
  • Providing documentation to the Provost Office

Proper recording of minutes and assessments is a key component for accreditation and continuous improvement efforts. The Learning Assistant in the Provost's Office maintains PAC records, including current rosters.

Detailed information regarding the structure, formation and purpose of a PAC is outlined in the PAC Guidelines document, which is posted on staff.dunwoody.