Through participation in commencement, members of the faculty attest to the vital role they play in the intellectual and professional formation of our students, offering their support and congratulations at the very end of the educational process. All full-time faculty are expected to participate in the commencement ceremony. Adjunct faculty are also encouraged to attend. If unable to attend, your immediate supervisor should be notified in writing (i.e. via email) as soon as you are aware of the need to be excused. Final determination of what constitutes an acceptable reason for not participating in the commencement ceremony is at the discretion of the faculty member’s dean or director.

Academic Regalia

Traditional, full academic regalia is worn. The costume consists of four elements: gown, hood, cap and tassel.  For each element, the style and colors should be appropriate to the wearer’s highest-earned academic degree.


  • A faculty member may wear their own gown, cap and tassel.  Dunwoody purchases gowns, caps and tassels for faculty that do not own one. Dunwoody purchased regalia remains property of Dunwoody and is turned in upon termination of employment.
  • Hood signifying degree and school. Faculty must provide their own hood which can be purchased through the College’s vendor if desired.
  • Faculty may wear one medallion such as Dunwoody’s Distinguished Teacher medallion or a collegiate commencement recognition medal awarded from their alma mater.
  • Dunwoody alumni are encouraged to wear their Alumni Pin.


Any academic regalia (including tassels, cords, braids, stoles, sashes, medallions, etc.) to be worn by students at commencement must be recommended for approval by the Academic Leadership Council and approved by the President’s Cabinet. Requests should be typed and include details of the costume, including pictures, and presented by the Dean or Director. Requests must be made no later than February 1 of each year for the spring commencement ceremony.