Student Orientation

Orientation provides a quality transitional experience and maximizes a student’s potential for personal and academic success. Orientation is an enrollment requirement for all new students. Admitted students will be mailed information on orientation sessions. Students who have attended the College in the past and are re-enrolling are required to attend orientation if their last orientation was missed or if they have been off campus for more than 12 months prior to the start of their school term.  Program Deans and Department Managers may require certain faculty members to meet with students  for a departmental breakout session during an orientation.

Student Organizations/Student Clubs and Chapters

Student clubs and organizations are overseen by the Student Government Association (SGA). A list of current student organizations can be found on the Dunwoody website.

Faculty members are assigned as the contact for student clubs/organizations/chapters that usually align within their instructing area.

Students have the opportunity to start their own club/organization if one doesn’t currently exist at the College. Students should be directed to a Student Services Advisor for direction on how to start the process.

Academic Plan

The academic plan is a degree progress tracking tool that displays both Arts & Sciences and Technical course requirements for a program, of which the student is currently enrolled. The academic plan shows what has been completed, what is in progress, and what is left to do in order to satisfy academic requirements for graduation.

The academic plan also has a ‘What If’ feature, that allows for a student to view how completed courses will satisfy requirements of other programs, of which the student may not yet be enrolled.

Students should monitor their progress toward their declared degree or certificate path using the academic plan on my.dunwoody. This plan may also be used by faculty, program managers/deans, and Student Affairs advisors in advising sessions.