School of Design

The School of Design prepares students to apply design skills and thinking to create spaces and communications that increase human comfort, productivity, and enjoyment. Dunwoody's design education focuses on strong technical skills with an understanding of the fundamental and best practices of industry in order to unlock creativity.

Coursework is project-based, with an emphasis on the entire creative process, from research and ideation through final production.

Students learn how to work with clients in order to achieve the best creative solution given the budget and goals of the project. Faculty have experience as working professionals so students learn the skills industry is looking for, including being able to understand and articulate client needs, communication skills, and the ability to create designs that succeed in production.

Degrees are offered in architecture, architectural drafting, graphic design, or interior design. The exact length of the degree is determined by what's needed to succeed in the field, including professional certification.

Students build a strong portfolio of work that shows both the technical expertise they have gained and their ability to creatively problem solve. They also gain real-world experience through field trips, industry speakers, and internship opportunities.

Degrees Offered