Important Deadlines

The following dates may be helpful to Faculty to keep in mind as we move through the academic year. The dates below are meant to serve as a guideline; more specific dates will be communicated by the stakeholders who own and monitor the processes below. Most due dates will also be published on the Dunwoody Dates calendar. The full Academic Calendar can be found here.

Publish Course in Canvas: courses must be published no later than the Monday before Week 1 of each term.

Midterm Grades: due on Wednesday of Week 9. Because the terms are shorter, midterm grades are not submitted for Summer or J-Term sessions.

Book Adoptions: must be submitted by the end of Week 10 of the previous semester. Spring Semester, J-Term, and Summer Term books are generally due in November; Fall Semester books are generally due in April.

Advising WeeksWeeks 10-11 of Fall and Spring Semesters.

Registration window opens the Monday of Week 12.

Final grades: due the Wednesday following the completion of the course.

Syllabi: Syllabi submission and approval deadlines are published on the Dunwoody Dates calendar in Outlook. Syllabi must be submitted to approvers and fully reviewed and published by the beginning of New Student Days ahead of each full semester, or one week before the start of J-Term or Summer Sessions.

Review End-of-Course Data: available the day after grades are due.

Assessment Reports are due on June 15th of each year.

PAC Assessment: due July 30th of each year.

Assessment Plans are due on August 1st of each year.