Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is published to give current, new, and prospective faculty members useful information about Dunwoody College of Technology (referred to as "Dunwoody" for the remainder of this publication) and its academic policies, various services, and academic responsibilities. This handbook is meant to be a guide for faculty; its content is written with the faculty perspective in mind and is meant to supplement other handbooks, including:

Student policies can be found in the Student Handbook and Catalog

Policies affecting all employees are found in the Employee Handbook, including the Unlawful Harassment and Sexual Conduct Policy.

Official policies and procedures of Dunwoody govern the topics addressed. This handbook supersedes any prior Faculty Handbook and does not create an expressed or implied contract or guarantee employment for any term.

The information contained in this handbook is subject to change as a result of action by federal and/or state governments, or the Board of Trustees and/or administration at Dunwoody. Questions concerning the contents of this handbook should be directed to the Office of Instruction