Curriculum excellence is part of Dunwoody’s value proposition and an expectation of our key stakeholders - students and industry partners. Under our Academic Freedom policy, faculty members have the ability to establish course competencies and choose the appropriate subject matter to align with said competencies, including assignments, assessments, reading materials, and other learning activities within the course they are teaching.

These types of curriculum changes require input from multiple campus stakeholders and should only be initiated by a dean or director:

  • Creation of new courses
  • Creation of new academic programs
  • Changes to academic plans
  • Changes to program outcomes

Please reach out to your dean or director if you have suggestions for improvement of your program.


Every program is responsible for developing a comprehensive assessment initiative. The initiative is to evaluate the student attainment of programmatic outcomes and course competencies, with course competencies tied to program outcomes.  The assessment process detects gaps in student learning and provides an effective strategy to close these gaps with pedagogical and/or curricular changes. A variety of assessment measures are used, depending on the unique curriculum of each program. Contact Teresa Milligan - Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction Specialist for more information.