About Dunwoody

Dear Faculty,

For more than a 100 years, Dunwoody faculty have been providing a world-class education that prepares students for immediate jobs and great careers. It is in your classrooms, labs, shops, and studios that our students learn the skills and develop the habits that lead to successful careers.

Faculty members like you deliver Dunwoody’s value proposition – every day, in every class. Dunwoody’s longstanding reputation as the best place to receive a technical education was built by faculty members like you. We accomplish our mission by providing the best career-focused, active, experiential learning experience possible. As a faculty member, it is your commitment to maintaining the highest standards in how we teach, mentor, and support our students that defines a Dunwoody education.

Thank you for your dedication to our students, alumni, and industries.

Rich Wagner, Ph.D.

Dunwoody College of Technology, a private, non-profit, endowed institution of higher education, was founded in 1914. William Hood Dunwoody, a prominent Minneapolis businessman, left three million dollars in his will to establish the William Hood Dunwoody Industrial Institute. His purpose was to "provide for all time a place where youth without distinction on account of race, color or religious prejudice, may learn the useful trades and crafts, and thereby fit themselves for the better performance of life's duties." When his wife, Kate L. Dunwoody, died a year later in 1915, she left an additional trust to help sustain the new school.

Quote is from the Last Will and Testament of William Hood Dunwoody.