Professional Licensure: General Disclosure

Some programs offered at Dunwoody College of Technology are designed to prepare students to apply for licensure examinations and/or certification necessary for employment in Minnesota and across the country. These professional licensing standards often vary from state to state, and completion of these programs may not meet the licensure or certification requirements in every state.

For students seeking employment, you are advised to know the specific licensure or certification requirements of that state before enrolling in a program. Contact the appropriate licensing agency in the state you plan to seek employment to determine requirements and ensure program compatibility.

As of July 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education implemented a new regulation that requires colleges and universities to communicate both publicly and directly to prospective and current students about educational programs designed to meet educational requirements for a specific professional license or certification that is required for employment in an occupation, or is advertised as meeting such requirements, information regarding whether completion of that program would be sufficient to meet licensure requirements in a State for that occupation (Regulation 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5) (v)).

Disclaimer: Licensure determinations reflect accurate information about each program to the best of our knowledge, however the decision to grant a license or certification is ultimately the purview of the state. Only state licensing agencies or boards can determine whether an academic program meets or partially meets educational requirements for licensure. Dunwoody cannot guarantee an individual’s attainment of any professional licensure or certification, in any field, in any jurisdiction.

The full general disclosure can be found on the Dunwoody website.