Registration and Schedules

Registration for Returning Students

Registration for courses after the first-semester is coordinated by the student’s academic advisor and the academic program manager/dean. All registered courses can be viewed via my.dunwoody. Questions regarding registration may be directed to the Registrar’s Office at or 612-381-3360.

To register for classes, students must:

  • Visit with their academic advisor and/or academic program manager/dean for a list of classes for which to register
  • Have all balances satisfied at the end of the academic term
  • Have met all pre-requisite requirements for courses
  • Register via my.dunwoody


Dunwoody will ensure a smooth academic transition for deployed students upon their return to college. Military students who are deployed should meet with Student Affairs and Financial Aid to fill out a Student Request Form. Students must also notify their academic program manager/dean and faculty so academic arrangements can be made.