Add/Drop/Withdrawal (By Class)

Add a Class

  • A class may be added no later than the first five days of the semester.

Drop a Class

  • A class may be dropped within the first five days of the semester. Students who have not attended the first five days of the semester will be dropped from the class.
  • Dropped classes will not appear on a student's transcript and will not have an impact on the GPA if the class is dropped within the first five days of the semester.
  • If a student does not attend past the first five days of classes and wishes to drop all of their classes, the student must following the Student-Initiated Withdrawal process

Withdraw from a Class

  • Students may withdraw from a class during the timeframe between the sixth day of the semester and the end of week 12. After week 12, students will receive the grade for the course that they earned. For non full-term courses, follow the information listed below.
    • Day 9 of the term for a 3 week course
    • Week 3 for a 4 week course
    • Week 6 for an 8 week course
  • The class will remain on the student's transcript with grade of W and will not have an impact on the GPA.
  • Students cannot withdraw from a class once a letter grade has been earned.

To add, drop, or withdraw from individual courses, students need to see their instructor, academic advisor, or academic director/dean to fill out an Add/Drop/Withdraw form. Please contact the Registrar’s Office by email at or by phone at 612-381-3360 with questions.

Courses may be cancelled or modified at the discretion of Dunwoody College of Technology. Students will be notified if enrolled in a cancelled or modified section and a refund may be issued for the course. Students may work with their academic advisor, or academic program manager/dean for registering in another course section.

For information on refunds of dropped or withdrawn classes, please refer to the Refunds page in the Financial Aid and Student Accounts – Refunds section of this handbook. Be advised that withdrawing from a course may affect a student’s financial aid status and award.