Awards and Honors

Dunwoody College of Technology recognizes student achievement in several ways:

Attendance Award

The Alumni Board of Managers has chosen to recognize graduating Bachelor degree, Associate of Applied Science degree, and Certificate students who have maintained excellent attendance with an Attendance Award. Students’ attendance is tracked and tallied at the end of their academic program. Calculations are based on the total number of hours a student attends class. The award will be given to students for the following achievements:

  • 100% Attendance
  • Outstanding Attendance (98% attendance or higher)

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List, compiled after each term, lists Bachelor degree, Associate of Applied Science degree, and Certificate students whose grade point average for a term is 3.5 or better (term GPA). Students must be enrolled in school full-time, (a minimum of 12 credits), graded on the traditional grading system, and have no incompletes in courses offered for credit. Students on the Dean’s List are given a letter of recognition and publicly recognized on the campus website — unless full FERPA restriction is in place. Dean’s List achievement is not awarded retroactively (an INC grade made up at a later date will not be retroactively applied to the Dean’s List award date).

Latin Honors

Dunwoody recognizes outstanding academic achievement by awarding Latin honors for students seeking a Bachelor degree or an Associate of Applied Science degree at graduation. Honors are based on cumulative grade point average. The categories recognized are:

  • Summa Cum Laude: a cumulative grade point average of 3.90 or better
  • Magna Cum Laude: a cumulative grade point average of 3.70 to 3.89
  • Cum Laude: a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 to 3.69

Students who qualify for recognition the semester before graduation will have honors noted by their name in the graduation program and wear honor cords at the commencement to mark their achievement. However, such honors will not be validated until all final grades are calculated.

Student Leadership Award

The Dunwoody Alumni Association’s Board of Managers gives its annual Student Leadership Award to a graduating student or students who exemplify leadership, scholastic excellence, community service, and school spirit.


  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Completed three years of a Dunwoody Baccalaureate program, one year of a two-year program, or one semester of a one-year program
  • Recommended by faculty or staff
  • Exemplary leadership ability, scholastic excellence, community service, and school spirit

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Award is given to one graduating student from each academic department. Nominees are selected by faculty members and must have 90% attendance or higher and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Additional criteria are: a solid work ethic, extra-curricular participation, collegiate camaraderie, pursuit of excellence, and self- awareness.

Ignite Award

Ignite is an online publication showcasing student work nominated for the Peggy DeVries Excellence Award. This award has been established by the Arts & Sciences department to recognize and reward outstanding work in creative writing, expository writing, multimedia presentations, and art. The goal of this award and online publication is to nurture the imaginative and creative efforts of students.

The Student Global Citizen Award (GCA)

The Student Global Citizen Award is given to a Dunwoody student whose accomplishments exemplify enthusiastic awareness of issues related to working and living successfully in our diverse society. The recipient of this award is recognized for organizing, volunteering for, and/or participating in a number of diversity-related activities within Dunwoody and the broader community.