Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance is critical to student success in the learning process. Students are expected to attend and actively participate in lecture, laboratory, and shop activities as dictated in course syllabi. All instructors will take attendance. Please work with your instructor or faculty advisor to verify your class attendance. Absences are closely monitored by the Registrar, Student Affairs, and the Provost’s Office. Dunwoody reserves the right to withdraw any student absent for five or more days in a row and/or, as noted above, as dictated in course syllabi.

Reporting missing students: an attempt will be made to establish that a student is missing school of their own accord. If school officials question the safety and well-being of an enrolled student, contact will be made to any known family or friends and contact could be made with the police if deemed appropriate.

Religious Observances

Students are permitted excused absences for observance of religious holidays under the following conditions and without discrimination.

  • There is a scheduling conflict between the scheduled class, lab, or shop time and the religious holiday.
  • Student must notify instructors of the upcoming religious holiday within the first 3 weeks of the semester. 

Instructors may reschedule the missed academic time before or after the religious observance. Instructors shall accept, at face value, the sincerity of students' religious beliefs.

Military Deployment

Military students who will be deployed should meet with the Dean of Students, ksattler@dunwoody.eduKelli Sattler, to fill out a Student Request Form and provide a copy of the military orders or other appropriate documentation to the request as soon as they know about their deployment. After their request has been approved, students must also notify their academic program manager or dean and current faculty, so academic arrangements can be made.