Posthumous Degree Policy

Dunwoody College may grant degrees posthumously. A deceased student who did not complete all requirements for their degree at the time of death may be awarded a degree posthumously provided the following conditions are met:


  • The student was within 20 credits (6.0 units) of completing all requirements for his/her degree.
  • The student was in good academic standing with the institution at the time of death. Good standing is defined as not being academically deficient for their classification (academic probation, continued probation, suspension or expulsion).
  • The student was enrolled at the time of death or their continuous enrollment was interrupted by their injury, illness, deployment, etc.

* If the individual does not meet the above requirements, the decision to move forward with the  nomination process is at the discretion of the provost.

Nomination/Approval Process:

  • Anybody may identify a candidate for a posthumous degree, but such a suggestion must be made to the dean or program manager of the appropriate academic department for consideration and to begin the formal process.
  • The student’s degree audit file shall be obtained from the Registrar to verify program and progress toward degree completion.
  • The dean or program manager will recommend the candidate for a posthumous degree in the form of a formal written request to the Provost. The provost may choose to present this to the Academic Dean’s Council for review/discussion.
  • If supported by the Academic Dean’s Council and provost, the provost will submit the recommendation to the president for formal approval.