Enrollment Status

Enrollment status is defined as “enrolled” or “withdrawn” and is determined by the amount of credit hours for which a student is enrolled. Enrollment status is broken down into the following categories:

  • Full-time: 12 or more credits
  • Three-quarter time: 9-11 credits
  • Part-time: 6-8 credits
  • Less than part-time: 1-5 credits

The number of credits in which a student is enrolled in determines the amount of financial aid eligibility. Changes in a student’s enrollment status may impact financial aid eligibility.

Students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits may be eligible to participate in some financial assistance programs. Students should always discuss changes in status with a financial aid advisor to determine changes in eligibility and possible consequences.

Fore more information, contact the Financial Aid Office on financial aid eligibility at financialaid@dunwoody.edu or 612-374-5800, or the Registrar’s Office at registrar@dunwoody.edu or 612-381-3360.

Verification of Student Enrollment Status

Students may obtain an enrollment status certificate by going to Enrollment and Degree Verification on my.dunwoody. Enrollment verifications reflect the student’s enrollment information at the time that the verification is requested.