Industrial Engineering Technology (IENG)

IENG1120 | Introduction to Engineering | Lecture (2 Credits)

Explore major topics in Engineering. Provides students with a pathway to success in the program, including time management, industry software, study skills, internship availability and career opportunities.

IENG1910 | Engineering Topics I | Directed Study (1 Credit)

Engineering Topics I focuses on topics in engineering selected by faculty assigned to the course.

IENG3115 | Statistical Quality Control | Lecture (2 Credits)

Apply statistical methods to study the quality of products and services, determining how to reduce the time required to produce the product and ensure the quality of the product. Topics include probability and statistics, control charts, acceptance criteria and sampling, and case studies.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG3145 | Ethics & Social Responsibility for Eng | Lecture (2 Credits)

The theory and application of ethics and social responsibility as it applies to engineering practice. Topics include engineering ethics codes, cultural and diversity issues, environmental concerns, and intellectual property.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG3150 | Manufacturing Processes with Lab | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Examine and apply various manufacturing processes and materials used in product development and manufacturing. Each process is covered from a technical perspective, with an emphasis placed on how multiple processes can be linked together. Several manufacturing processes, such as computer aided design, machining, welding, and electronics are used to design a product.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG3215 | Project Management | Lecture (2 Credits)

Examine the methods and tools used for effective management of engineering projects. Topics include the analytical methods used to budget, schedule, and control projects, as well as risk management, team leadership, and communication.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG3235 | Quality Systems | Lecture (2 Credits)

Investigate several quality concepts used to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Topics include principle concepts of quality management: customer, process, and workforce focuses; international standards; concurrent engineering; and performance for excellence, strategy, and knowledge management.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG3250 | Lean Systems with Lab | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Investigate the history and evolution of lean systems and current day applications to manufacturing, service, and business. Apply fundamental lean philosophies and tools to manufacturing, service, and business. Understand the role of culture transformation and change management techniques in the application of lean tools.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG4111 | Ergonomics & Work Measurement | Lecture (3 Credits)

Introduction to ergonomics as applied to the human-machine interface, as well as the fundamental concepts behind work design, with emphasis on measuring work and analyzing work methods. Topics include methods engineering and analysis, time and motion studies, and workplace design considering physical and cognitive ergonomic principles.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG4115 | Supply Chain Management | Lecture (2 Credits)

Explain the fundamentals of supply chain management. Topics include the supply chain network, system integration, supply chain strategies, and challenges in managing the supply chain.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG4125 | Production Planning & Control | Lecture (2 Credits)

Utilize aspects of management to maximize productivity in a factory or service environment. Topics include sales & operations planning, inventory and capacity management, material requirements planning, and the theory of constraints.

Prerequisite(s): MATH1810 And IENG1120

IENG4135 | Operations Management | Lecture (2 Credits)

Explain the planning, organization, coordination, and control of the resources needed to produce a company’s goods and services. Topics include strategy alignment, capacity planning, aggregate plans, and the importance of work place safety.

Prerequisite(s): IENG1120

IENG4145 | Engineering Economic Analysis | Lecture (2 Credits)

The concepts of finance and economics within the engineering environment. Analyze costs, risk, funding options, economic return on investment, and legal and environmental concerns.

Prerequisite(s): MATH1810 And IENG1120

IENG4210 | Simulation Modeling and Analysis | Lecture (3 Credits)

Utilize simulation to create, analyze, and evaluate realistic models of real-world environments. Topics include Monte Carlo simulation, queuing theory, selecting input distributions, animation in simulation, and evaluating simulation output.

Prerequisite(s): MATH1810 And IENG1120

IENG4250 | Industrial Automation with Lab | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Investigate and apply several automated processes used in manufacturing, service, and business processes. Topics include automated work systems, safety, and design of systems.

Prerequisite(s): MATH1820 And IENG1120

IENG4295 | Senior Capstone | Practicum (4 Credits)

Demonstrate overall content knowledge of the program outcomes through a major project. Conduct a final presentation of the project and explain how it applies to the engineering program outcomes.

Prerequisite(s): WRIT4020 And IENG1120