Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing (ABDY)

ABDY1111 | Introduction to Auto Body | Lec/Lab (1 Credit)

Overview of the past, present, and future of the collision industry with emphasis on safety, equipment, tools, and body shop operations. Industry expectations and career opportunities are explored.

ABDY1120 | Panel Replacement I: Bolt on Panels | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Identify, remove, and install all vehicle panels requiring bolt on application. Practice alignment techniques, acceptable fasteners, and industry approved methods.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1111

ABDY1130 | Panel Straightening & Paint Prep | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Examine and practice industry acceptable methods of metal straightening, plastic filler application, primer surfacers, and sanding techniques. Prepare OEM finishes for refinishing on metal and plastic panels.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1120

ABDY1140 | Auto Body Welding | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Relate safety, equipment, and welding techniques to collision repair. Special consideration to I-CAR welding procedures and tests.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1130

ABDY1150 | Plastic Repairs | Lec/Lab (1 Credit)

Identify and practice techniques associated with welding, bonding, and cosmetic repair of automotive plastics. Prepare interior plastic for refinishing and re-texturing.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1140

ABDY1210 | Brake & Suspension Repairs | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Examine automotive brakes and suspensions, ABS and traction control systems, alignments, and steering for collision related damage.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1150

ABDY1220 | Intro to Refinishing Metals & Plastics | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Identify refinishing safety issues, environmental concerns, water-based paint and solvent based paint procedures; practice correct procedures on metals and plastics as related to collision repair.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1210

ABDY1230 | Automotive Refinishing & Detailing | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Practice refinishing of automotive collision repairs, and vehicle masking techniques; identify paint problems and corrections.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1220

ABDY1311 | Damage Analysis & Estimating | Lec/Lab (1 Credit)

Practice in collision damage appraisal using industry accepted software and computerized estimating programs to prepare collision damage reports or estimates.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1230

ABDY1320 | Summer Production Repair Lab I | Laboratory (4 Credits)

Practice the skills learned in the first year of coursework using customer vehicles.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1311

ABDY2110 | Aluminum Welding & Complex Panel Repair | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Properties of aluminum, aluminum alloys, welding processes and materials utilized for aluminum welding. Setup and adjustment of the MIG welder for aluminum, weld joint preparation, aluminum welding procedures and safety precautions. Welding on aluminum adhering to I-CAR Aluminum welding standards and testing methods. Body panel damage assessment. Repair of steel and aluminum body panels with complex shapes and damage to style lines and attached inner panels. Procedures and products used to restore corrosion protection to repaired panels.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1320

ABDY2120 | Electrical, A/C Repairs & Hybrid Safety | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Fundamentals of electricity and related automotive circuits, tracing of vehicle wiring diagrams and repair of collision related malfunctions of electrical components and wiring. Identification and usage of electrical test tools and head lamp aiming. Air conditioning theory of operation, properties of refrigerants, and safety procedures. Set up and use of air conditioning service equipment. Refrigerant reclaiming, recycling, evacuation and recharging. Diagnostic procedures for troubleshooting air conditioning systems. Safety precautions and disabling procedures for working on and around hybrid vehicle electrical systems.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2110

ABDY2130 | Restraint Systems & Stationary Glass | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

The development of restraint systems. Air bag theory of operation, function of components and wiring, deployment conditions, safety precautions, and inspection procedures for restraint systems. Practice of service procedures for air bag and seat belt systems. The role that glass plays in a modern vehicle. Procedures for replacement of structural glass and for correction of wind noises and water leaks. Removal and re-installation of interior trim.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2120

ABDY2140 | Finish Matching & Plastic Refinishing | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Collision industry procedures used for color matching, tinting and blending. Color theory, panel preparation and practical application of urethane (solvent based) and waterborne automotive paint products utilizing color mixing systems. Procedures, techniques, and materials used in tri-coat (three stage) finish repairs. Specialized products and procedures used to refinish automotive plastics. Identification and refinishing of flexible plastic panels.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY1230

ABDY2210 | Panel Replacement II: Welded Panels | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Identification, removal and installation of welded and adhesively bonded automotive body panels. Identification and use of a squeeze type resistance spot welder and other specialized panel removal tools and welding equipment. Practice restoring corrosion protection to replaced panels using primers and anti-corrosion compounds. Identification of and proper application of automotive body seam sealers.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2140

ABDY2222 | Structural Analysis, Measuring & Repair | Lec/Lab (6 Credits)

Vehicle collision damage analysis, inspection techniques, damage classification and types of vehicle construction. Measuring concepts, set-up and use of measuring systems, vehicle anchoring systems and structural straightening equipment. Industry (I-CAR) guidelines for structural repairs including frame and unibody straightening, structural component replacement, sectioning and restoring corrosion protection. Disassemble vehicles for repairs, develop a vehicle repair plan, perform structural repairs, including repairs to mechanical and electrical systems as well as replacement of structural glass.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2210

ABDY2231 | Custom Painting | Lec/Lab (1 Credit)

Surface preparation procedures, specialized refinish materials, spray equipment and techniques used for custom painting on vehicle panels or small projects. Materials utilized include standard urethane (solvent-based) base coats, waterborne base coats, candy colors, pearls, and metal flakes. Masking and design transfer techniques for custom painting.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2222

ABDY2310 | Production II Internship | Internship (4 Credits)

This Internship is offered for qualified students who are interested in fulfilling their 2nd year production requirement for the Collision Program via a 216 hour internship rather than participating in ABDY 2320 Production Lab II. Must be able to secure an internship at a collision repair facility and have the approval of the Collision program faculty. A formal agreement will be developed between the student, the employer, and an advisor assigned by Dunwoody. Internship must be approved by the Department Director of Internship Advisor.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2231

ABDY2320 | Summer Production Repair Lab II | Laboratory (4 Credits)

Perform major and minor collision repairs; repair or replace structural members and exterior panels; remove and replace glass and upholstery; suspension and mechanical components; prepare panels for paint; refinish panels or vehicles as necessary. Create computerized repair estimates, discuss repairs with customers, order parts and assist in completion of repair orders for customer billing.

Prerequisite(s): ABDY2231