Automotive Service Technology (AUTO)

AUTO1110 | General Skills & Engine Fundamentals | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Use tools and measuring instruments. Identify fasteners and fittings, remove damaged fasteners, fabricate brake lines. Research service procedures using automotive information systems. Disassemble and assemble component engines. Describe engine parts, systems, and operation.

AUTO1120 | Brakes, Steering & Suspensions | Lec/Lab (4 Credits)

Examine theory of design and principles of operation, diagnosis and repair procedures of automotive brake, steering and suspension systems. Practice performing service procedures, four-wheel alignments, tire and wheel service.

AUTO1130 | Electrical & Electronic Principles | Lec/Lab (7 Credits)

Examine theory and principles of: Ohm's law, circuit principles, magnetism, electromagnetism, batteries, induction, cranking motors, charging systems, basic electronics including semiconductors. Use digital multimeters and wiring schematics to trace, test, and diagnose circuits. Disassemble, inspect, test, and reassemble starters and alternators. On-vehicle diagnosis of battery, starting, and charging systems.

AUTO1210 | Engine Repair | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Examine design and operating principles of engine systems. Disassemble, inspect, measure, and reassemble a complete running engine validated by proper operation when work is completed.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1110 And AUTO1130

AUTO1220 | Automatic Transmissions | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Fundamentals of planetary gears, theory of operation of components and controls. Disassemble, inspect, and reassemble component automatic transmissions and transaxles. Practice maintenance and general testing procedures, pressure testing, electronic scan tool testing. Effective use of service information is emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1110, AUTO1120, And AUTO1130

AUTO1230 | Accessories, Heating & Air Conditioning | Lec/Lab (6 Credits)

Wiring circuit interpretation, accessory operation, lighting system design, circuit tracing, and service procedures. Diagnose and repair lighting, instrumentation, accessories, and air-bags. Heating/air conditioning component operation and physics. Control system diagnosis, service, repair procedures, and pressure diagnosis. On vehicle procedures for recovery/recycling equipment.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1130

AUTO2110 | Engine Performance | Lec/Lab (13 Credits)

Analysis of the theory of operation, design, diagnosis, and repair procedures of engine control and computer systems. Examine emerging engine performance and vehicle propulsion technologies. Use standard and computerized tune-up test equipment to make a complete performance analysis and/or diagnosis of specific problems to determine the work needed on vehicles. Repairs are made to restore the vehicle’s performance, emissions, and fuel economy to as near as possible to original factory and EPA standards.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1230

AUTO2210 | Drivetrain | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Theory of operation, inspection, diagnosis, disassembly and reassembly of transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases. Design, principles of operation, diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair procedures for drive axles, drive shafts, universal joints, differentials and clutches. Oxyacetylene torch procedures.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1210, AUTO1220, And AUTO1230

AUTO2220 | Production | Lec/Lab (8 Credits)

Practical shop experience in all aspects of automotive repair on customer's vehicle. Fundamentals of shop management, repair order writing, parts procurement, and customer relations. Principles of NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) diagnosis, and advanced chassis control systems.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1230, AUTO1220, And AUTO1210

AUTO2230 | Auto Internship | Internship (8 Credits)

Supervised training in repairing various problems with customer vehicles while working at an automotive repair facility. Need department director approval (application must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to start of the Internship); must follow approved guidelines listed in the internship packet. This course can be taken in lieu of AUTO2220 Production.

Prerequisite(s): AUTO1210, AUTO1220, And AUTO1230