HVACR Systems Servicing (SERV)

SERV1110 | HVAC Electrical I | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Basic electrical terminology and theory. Introduction to simple circuit construction. Basic electrical properties and their effects on circuits. Load capacity for wiring and fuses. Simple circuit diagramming. Theory of electrical generation through magnetism and electromagnetism. Analyzing and testing circuits with various test equipment.

SERV1120 | Heating Systems I | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Basic fundamentals and terminology pertaining to heat transfer. Thermal environmental science properties. Latent and sensible heat, conduction, convection and radiation. Fundamental psychrometrics. Air distribution, room air movement characteristics and the fundamentals of balancing air systems. Analyzing static, velocity and total pressure along with airflow measurements within ductwork.

SERV1130 | Residential Controls I | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Introduction to basic environmental controls with an emphasis on theory, application, and practical installation. Principles of Effective Temperature will be applied to various temperature, humidity, and air movement controls. Basic control of secondary circuits including transformers, relays, and contactors used in the operation of heating and cooling equipment. Sketch, diagram, and wire basic secondary control circuits. Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110

SERV1140 | Basic Motor Technology | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Theory of magnetism and circuitry as it pertains to the induction motor. Introduction to fundamental types of motors used in the HVAC field. Wiring of various power and control circuits. Introduction to the relay, contactor and motor starter. Motor usage and service problems encountered in the field. Electrical diagramming and schematics. Troubleshooting motor circuits. Motor nomenclature and safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110

SERV1150 | Cooling Systems I | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Basic fundamentals of cooling as it pertains to HVAC&R systems. Gas laws and the principles of the basic refrigeration cycle. Skills pertaining to refrigeration: tubing handling, flaring, swedging, soft and hard soldering and brazing. Introduction to refrigerants and refrigerant management.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1120

SERV1210 | Heating Systems II | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Heat generation as it pertains to residential furnaces. Natural and LP gases. Furnace types, sequence of operation, component identification, ignition types, test equipment and safety. Troubleshooting pertaining to the mechanical operation and the electrical control functions of gas furnaces. Diagnostic skills to meet service problems encountered in the field. Combustion testing and job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110, SERV1130, And SERV1140

SERV1220 | Cooling Systems II | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Fundamentals of residential air conditioning. Evacuation principles and procedures for deep vacuums. Basic split system air conditioning systems wiring and controls examined and diagrammed in schematics. Refrigerant chemistry examined. Refrigerant recycling, recovery, and management reviewed in accordance with EPA standards. Systematic refrigerant charging procedures determined and validated through hands-on guidance using actual equipment. Basic cooling analysis through psychrometrics and pressure-enthalpy processes. Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110, SERV1130, SERV1140, And SERV1150

SERV1230 | HVAC Electrical II | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Introduction to semiconductors and elementary solid-state circuits used in HVACR control circuits. Electrical schematics for HVACR secondary and load circuitry. Fundamental operation and wiring of motor starter secondary and load circuits examined, diagrammed, and wired. Electronic theory applied to electronic air cleaners, electronically commutated motors, and digital temperature controls. Continued application of relays, and contactors developed in lab jobs and servicing situations encountered in the field. EPA Section 608 Technician Certification test review and exam (required). Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110

SERV1240 | Heating Systems III | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Introduction to forced air, oil burning, and electric furnaces. Evaluation of gas, oil, and electric furnace sequences of operation coupled with combustion analysis. Practice of start up procedures and combustion testing processes. Mechanical and electrical applications using wiring diagrams and schematics. Diagnostic skills of mechanical, combustion, and electrical problems encountered in the field. Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110, SERV1120, SERV1130, SERV1140, SERV1210, And SERV1230

SERV1250 | Cooling Systems III | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Advanced residential air conditioning and air-to-air heat pump systems. Theory and troubleshooting of heat pumps. Application and operation of air conditioning and heat pump controls examined. Wiring diagrams and schematics examined and evaluated. Hydrocarbon Refrigerants certification test review and exam (required). Introduction to customer relations skills with a focus on occupational professionalism. Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1110, SERV1120, SERV1130, SERV1140, SERV1220, And SERV1230

SERV2110 | Domestic Refrigeration Service | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

The mechanical refrigeration cycle of domestic refrigeration equipment will be analyzed and serviced to provide optimum operation. Refrigeration system component installation, analysis, check-out, repairs and maintenance. System start-up. Internal and external control troubleshooting and analyzing. Operations of various control systems utilized in high temperature refrigeration. Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1240 And SERV1250

SERV2120 | Commercial Refrigeration Service I | Lec/Lab (6 Credits)

Air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration systems. System component analysis, repair and replacement. Methods of defrost, system start up; internal and external control troubleshooting and analyzing; electrical and electronic-control systems. Mechanical refrigeration cycle trouble shooting. Job safety.

Prerequisite(s): SERV2110

SERV2130 | Commercial Refrigeration Service II | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Process chilled water and supermarket systems control, operation and energy management. Safety, both personal and equipment. Daily operation and preventive maintenance. Hands-on analysis and replacement of refrigeration system components. Analyze refrigeration controls. Screw and centrifugal chiller operation leading to year-round system operation.

Prerequisite(s): SERV2120

SERV2140 | HVAC Control Concepts | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Fundamentals of HVAC control. Formations including pneumatic, electric, electronic, DDC and building energy management systems as they pertain to troubleshooting. Application of control systems of individual room, zone air distribution, variable frequency drives, air handlers, chillers and boilers. Damper control including economizer cycles in conjunction with indoor air quality. Safety, both personal and equipment.

Prerequisite(s): SERV2130

SERV2210 | HVAC Systems Servicing I | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Energy management systems. Interfacing HVAC air handlers with energy sources in heating and cooling modes. Psychrometrics, start up and operation of industrial burners and their controls. System fail safe parameters. Analyzing outdoor air control parameters coordinating between energy efficiencies and desirable indoor air qualities. Make up and exhaust systems. DX and chilled water systems and component operation check out, analysis, repair and replacement. Control modes of various HVAC functions. System start up and check out procedures. Gas and mechanical codes. Safety, both personal and equipment.

Prerequisite(s): SERV1240 And SERV1250

SERV2230 | Building Systems Operations I | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Layout and construction of common sheet metal components found in building HVAC&R systems. Retrofitting skills with a working knowledge of the Uniform Mechanical Code. Welding skills with a focus on oxyacetylene. Safety issues emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): SERV2220

SERV2231 | Welding Fundamentals & Sheet Metal | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Applications, safety, and procedures for oxyacetylene, stick, GMAW, and TIG welding. Light and heavy-metal welding in flat position, freehand-cutting procedures, types of weld joints, and joint preparation. Fabrication of ductwork and fittings common to the HVAC industry; emphasis on SMACNA and ASHRAE standards.

SERV2240 | HVAC Systems Servicing III | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Steam accessories and codes regulating them, with emphasis on the Minnesota Boiler Examination. Hands-on analyzing control systems serving these HVAC systems. Steam systems and components. Constant volume HVAC systems. Blowers, filters, cooling coils, heating coils, air blenders and mixing boxes. Energy management systems. Individual HVAC components sized and selected along with single line designs of constant volume and multi zone systems. Low and high pressure steam, boilers and their systems. Steam/hot water fan coil units. Safety, both personal and equipment.

Prerequisite(s): SERV2230

SERV2250 | Building Systems Operations II | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Start up, check out, troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and replace various HVAC wet and dry systems and components. Roof top unit (RTU) start up and check out. Final check outs of various systems used in commercial installations. Operational reports. Control systems. Energy management systems. Preventive maintenance schedules of HVAC equipment. Plumbing, fire-protection and snow melting systems analyzed. Safety, both personal and equipment.

Prerequisite(s): SERV2240