Humanities (HUMN)

HUMN1910 | Humanities Topics I | Lecture (1 Credit)

Humanities Topics I focuses on topics in humanities selected by faculty assigned to the course.

General Education: Humanities

HUMN1920 | Humanities Topics II | Lecture (2 Credits)

Focus is on topics in humanities selected by faculty assigned to the course.

General Education: Humanities

HUMN2100 | The Literature of Migration | Lecture (3 Credits)

Examine the literature and films inspired by the immigrant, refugee, and foreigner experience here in America and abroad. Explore the different ways one can become a foreigner and how art can be used as a means of immersing the reader/viewer in the foreigner experience.

General Education: Humanities

HUMN2400 | Ethics | Lecture (2 Credits)

The development of ethical standards as related to the individual, government, business, and society. Current legislation is examined from the perspective of its moral and ethical roots with considerations and standards influencing personal and business decisions.

General Education: Social Sciences

HUMN3000 | Human Creative Expression | Lecture (2 Credits)

Exploration of human values, attitudes and ideas by examining humankind's historical cultural achievements from a variety of time periods, art forms, creators and cultural traditions to develop an appreciation of the interrelated expressions of human culture.

General Education: Upper Humanities

HUMN3500 | Science, Technology & Society | Lecture (3 Credits)

An in depth examination of various philosophical issues surrounding science and technology, which will ultimately culminate in an ethical analysis of how we, as a society, ought to use technology. Hone your critical reasoning skills by critically evaluating arguments for various philosophical positions and practice communicating your thoughts on critical and controversial issues.

General Education: Upper Humanities

HUMN3600 | Critical & Creative Thinking | Lecture (3 Credits)

Explore how critical thinking and creativity intersect through various theories to solve diverse, complex or abstract problems.

General Education: Upper Humanities

HUMN3910 | Arts & Humn Topics I | Lecture (1 Credit)

Topics in arts & humanities selected by faculty assigned to the course.

General Education: Upper Humanities

HUMN4000 | Ethical Decision-Making | Lecture (2 Credits)

Examine major moral theories of right and wrong, such as utilitarianism, deontology, egoism, virtue ethics, and feminism. Apply these theories in sound, ethical decision-making particularly in one’s professional life. Through case studies, the consequences of a decision in terms of responsibilities to the company and the economy, to the people impacted by the decision, and to the environment at large are weighed. Explore the tension often created by the difference between what is morally right and what the company’s code of ethics states or what the society’s laws require.

General Education: Upper Humanities