Humanities (HUMN)

HUMN1000 | Ethics | Lecture (3 Credits)

Ethics is an opportunity for you to develop valuable critical thinking and moral reasoning skills both professionally and personally. The class is a practical overview of foundational ethical theories, questions, and issues in applied ethics. We'll examine a number of personal, social, and professional ethical issues; such as conflicts of interest, the environment, emerging technologies, business conflicts, societal inequalities, among many others.

General Education: Humanities

HUMN2900 | Ethics of Artificial Intelligence | Lecture (3 Credits)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how we work and how we live our everyday lives, and new tools are being developed at an astounding pace. From chatbots to robots, AI tools--especially for those in technical fields--are embedded in our professional and personal lives. Making sure they are developed and used ethically, and transparently, is imperative. In this course, you will learn how to identify, analyze, and debate the philosophical issues raised by contemporary and future AI systems.

HUMN3600 | Critical Thinking & Creativity | Lecture (3 Credits)

Identify the effect that critical thinking has on human creativity and how creative activity impacts human progress through reading/reflection and hands on activities. Explore various means to develop critical thinking skills and apply that to creative activities.

General Education: Upper Humanities