Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC1000 | Psychology | Lecture (3 Credits)

The science of human behavior; the history of the discipline, biological foundations, personality, measurement, learning, stress and mental disorders.

General Education: Social Sciences

PSYC3000 | Organizational Behavior | Lecture (2 Credits)

Basic principles of human behavior that are used when managing individuals and groups in organizations. Includes theories relating to individual differences in abilities and attitudes, attribution, motivation, group dynamics, power and politics, leadership, conflict resolution, organizational culture, organizational structure and design as well as the process of ethical decision making for the employee, manager, and organization.

General Education: Upper Social Sciences

PSYC3100 | Psychology of Group Dynamics | Lecture (3 Credits)

Explore core foundations of human behavior in groups. Analyze differences in human needs for inclusion, identity and group affiliation. Evaluate human drives toward leadership and cohesion. Discriminate between situational factors that may foster obedience, conformity, group-think, and crowd behavior.

General Education: Upper Social Sciences