Work-study Hiring Procedure

Work-study positions may include jobs in the Financial Aid Department, Library, Career Services Center, Registrar, as well as assistance to a faculty member with curriculum-related activities and tutoring. Work-study students should not be in positions that involve personal interaction with other students and should be limited to professional interaction only. The supervisor who wishes to hire a work-study student should follow this procedure. Documents are located on the staff.dunwoody HR page:

  1. Complete a job description for the position.
    1. If needed, reference the Job Description Template.
  2. Complete the Student Worker Hiring Request Form.
  3. Send the completed electronic copy of the Student Worker Hiring Request Form and the Job Description to the Vice President of Enrollment for approval.
    1. Once signed, the electronic form and job description will be forwarded to HR for approval and the position will be posted
  4. Advise interested students to meet with a Financial Aid Consultant to determine work-study eligibility. If eligible for work study, the student will complete an Annual Work-Study Employment Agreement Form, which is to be signed by the position supervisor and a Financial Aid consultant and then forwarded to HR.
    1. If a student is not eligible for work-study the student may still interview for the position.
  5. Advise student to apply via the Dunwoody Employment site.
  6. Contact the student applicant if you want to set up an interview.
    1. Reference the Student Worker Interview Question Guide.
  7. If the student is offered the position, Human Resources will send an email link to fill out information for the background check.
    1. Human Resources will notify the student and department dean or program manager once results have come back.
  8. Human Resources will email the student and cc the manager advising the student to set up a meeting with Human Resources to complete new hire paperwork.
  9. Once the student meets with Human Resources and  has provided/completed all the required paperwork, HR will send a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to the manger for their approval. 
    1. Once the manager approves the PAF, the manager can have the student worker start their employment.