IT Systems

Dunwoody has several IT systems to help you manage your classes and share information with the rest of the college. As with other IT functions, you can get help with them or suggest improvements through the IT Service Desk.


LaunchPad  is your starting point to access all of Dunwoody’s systems. Your constituency (e.g., student, faculty, staff) determines which icons get displayed on your LaunchPad page. LaunchPad is accessible on and off-campus and from any device. There is a mobile application called Classlink available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.  

IT Resources in LaunchPad for Staff, Faculty, and Students

For information about technology resources at Dunwoody, including training and documentation, be sure to visit LaunchPad and click on the Student, Staff, or Faculty IT Resources link.  This page has guides and resources regarding common technology access and protocols, such as setting up a Microsoft Team, setting up email on your phone, printing at Dunwoody, and VPN access to college systems. 

Microsoft 365

Through our campus agreement with Microsoft, Dunwoody provides Office 365 licenses for all students and employees, available through LaunchPad. This automatically updatable, subscription-based software ensures students and employees always have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more for as long as you are a student or employee and the program continues. At no additional cost, benefits of the software include:

  • Install on up to five compatible PCs and Macs, plus five tablets
  • 1TB of storage with OneDrive for automatic device syncing
  • Create, organize, and collaborate anytime, on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Enjoy access to the latest versions of Office applications, features and services
  • Use the same programs across all of your personal devices to ensure full file fidelity  

Canvas & My.Dunwoody

Dunwoody’s official Learning Management System (LMS) system is Canvas LMS. You can access it through LaunchPad or at Your courses and enrollments will be automatically uploaded three times a day from PowerCampus/My.Dunwoody.

Canvas is your primary classroom tool for the instructor to share content and documents.

My.Dunwoody is an online portal of student information and resources. Available through LaunchPad, the portal provides links to check grades, schedule/registration, financial aid and account balance information, enrollment verifications to a variety of resources, opportunities, and notifications.

Students use My.Dunwoody to register for classes, pay their bill, and view information such as grades, attendance, academic plans, and unofficial transcripts.

Academic Plan

The academic plan is a degree progress tracking tool that displays both Arts & Sciences and Technical course requirements for the program in which the student is currently enrolled. The academic plan shows what has been completed, what is in progress, and what is left to do in order to satisfy academic requirements for graduation.

The academic plan also has a ‘What If’ feature that allows a student to view how completed courses will satisfy requirements of other programs in which the student may not yet be enrolled.

Students should monitor their progress toward their declared degree or certificate path using the academic plan on my.dunwoody. This plan may also be used by faculty, program managers/deans, and Student Affairs advisors in advising sessions.

On-Campus Printing

Dunwoody provides a secure and convenient way to print called Dunwoody Pharos. This printing system allows you to use your ID badge to authenticate to print devices and release jobs for printing. You will be able to print to any device that is available for general use, and at this time, there is no direct charge for printing.

IT is responsible for maintaining this system and monitors the printers for errors. Contact the IT Service Desk if you have problems retrieving print jobs. If a printer is malfunctioning, you should notify the IT Service Desk and use another printer on campus.

Integrated Information System (IIS) Reports

Dunwoody created IIS, available through LaunchPad, to extend the abilities of core IT systems and provide access to cross-system metrics and reports. Assistance for IIS is available at the IT Service Desk.


Dunwoody’s Intranet site, Staff.Dunwoody, is where you will find information about the College and where you go to share documents. You can access it through Launchpad or at Assistance for Staff.Dunwoody is available at the IT Service Desk.

YouTube, Wiki and Other Technology Platforms

Faculty members are encouraged to develop curriculum that stimulates inquiry and is engaging. The use of technology assists with this goal and can enhance the delivery method. The following are some guidelines to consider when using technology in curriculum delivery:

  • When using videos or downloading content, be sure that the copyright allows the use of video or images for academic purposes
    • Not sure of copyright? Please check with a Dunwoody librarian.
  • Dunwoody has a number of approved enhancements and delivery methods, such as the Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Not sure if the technology you wish to use is a Dunwoody approved product? Please check with IT.
  • All material uploaded online is copyright of Dunwoody College