Dunwoody Observer & DC Weekly

Dunwoody Observer is a weekly email newsletter for Dunwoody employees and communicates topics such as new employee welcomes, campus events and deadlines, policy and procedure reminders, and other items of interest as a Dunwoody employee.

DC Weekly is a weekly email newsletter for students. Similar to the Observer, but with a student-centered focus, this newsletter contains items such as on-campus events, hours of operation of various departments around campus, student celebrations, scholarship opportunities, and other items of interest for students. Much of the information provided in the DC Weekly will also be included in the Dunwoody Observer for consistency and visibility.

All items being considered for submission to either DC Weekly or the Observer or both publications should be e-mailed to by 5 p.m. on the Friday of the week preceding publication. The newsletters are emailed out every Tuesday.

Annual Report/Alumni & Friends Magazine

The Alumni & Friends Magazine is a publication designed to educate, inform, inspire and foster engagement with alumni and friends of Dunwoody. The printed/online magazine includes: feature stories that highlight a topic or area of interest, campus and alumni news, a calendar of events, and a letter from the President. The magazine also includes an Annual Report that provides highlights from the past year, an overview of the College’s financial data as well as an Honor Roll of Donors, which recognizes faculty, staff, alumni, friends, industry partners, corporations and foundations for making financial contributions.

Story ideas and/or submissions should be emailed to

Dunwoody College News blog & Social Media

Stories celebrating the achievements of the Dunwoody community can be found on the Dunwoody College News blog.

Marketing also posts stories from Dunwoody College News as well as other items of interest, including photos and videos, to its social media accounts:


Instagram | @dunwoodycollege


Twitter | @dunwoodycollege



To suggest items for Dunwoody College News and/or social media, submit through Marketing’s RoboHead account or email

Dunwoody Dates Calendar

Dunwoody Dates is an Outlook calendar used to communicate activities and events that affect the campus as a whole. It provides faculty and staff a place to find and send information that impacts the operation of the College. Use your discretion wisely when adding items to this calendar.

Types of events included on Dunwoody Dates are:

  • Student final presentations
  • Career fairs
  • New student days
  • Open houses
  • Dunwoody hosted summer camps
To view Dunwoody Dates calendar:
  1. Open Calendar in Outlook
  2. Select  ‘Open Calendar’ and select ‘Open Shared Calendar’ search for Dunwoody Dates through the Name address book
  3. Dunwoody Dates is now available to view at any time by selecting it from the Shared Calendars list

To add an event or activity to Dunwoody Dates calendar, set up a meeting from your calendar and invite, and include the following information:

  1. Title of the event, activity, deadline or meeting
  2. Date, time and location
    1. Meeting location (room would need to be reserved prior to publishing event)
      1. Requests are made through 25Live
  3. Recurrence (if applicable)
  4. Person to contact with questions