Crosby Fellowship for Learning Excellence and Innovation

The Crosby Fellowship for Learning Excellence and Innovation is awarded annually to one or a team of up to four full-time and/or adjunct faculty whose application meets the fellowship criteria (see below).  The goal of this Fellowship is to support the college’s Strategic Plan by “Developing the Dunwoody Student” through “Quality Academic Experiences.” A total sum of up to $25,000 includes a stipend awarded to the selected faculty member(s) upon the successful completion or notable progress and presentation of the project to all faculty.  The stipend is based on the amount and complexity of the project and is divided equally for proposals submitted by multiple faculty. 

All current faculty teaching in a degree granting program are eligible for consideration. A faculty member cannot submit more than one fellowship proposal in a given year. Faculty will receive the application materials via email in May. Please find additional details in the timeline below.

Interested faculty should complete the application and submit it to the Associate Provost on or before the application deadline. 


The project should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • significantly increase the quality of instruction and learning by way of pedagogy or curriculum development and implementation
  • can be entrepreneurial in nature
  • an academic paradigm that can be implemented school wide on a long term and sustainable basis   


MAY: application materials distributed

AUGUST 31: Fellowship Applications due

SEPTEMBER:  recipient(s) selected

NOVEMBER:  recipient(s) present projects

DECEMBER – APRIL: Project work time and implementation 

MAY:  Project Progress Presentations

Examples of Project Scope

  • Attendance at a conference directly associated with area of study and project
  • Advanced research, possibly including travel, directly associated with area of study and project
  • An advanced approach to using technology to enhance learning
  • An innovative relationship with industry to enhance learning
  • An innovative and adaptive classroom design that facilitates excellence in learning

Recipient Selection Process

The Selection Committee is comprised of the following individuals: 

Associate Provost (as long as submissions are not from within department)

Curriculum and Assessment Specialist

Rotating Faculty Representation (Note:  To avoid conflict of interest, programs that have submitted a fellowship application will not have faculty representation on the Selection Committee.)  Faculty Representation should include at least one Principal Instructor.

Dean/Manager Representation (as long as submissions are not from within department)

Process of selection: 

The Selection Committee will rank fellowship proposals using a rubric system based on the fellowship criteria and application.    

Selection Committee will select 1 to 4 recipients and suggested funds distribution not to exceed $25,000.00.

While there is no appeal process for proposals that have not been selected as either finalists or recipients, faculty are highly encouraged to resubmit their proposals for the next submission cycle as long as the project remains relevant.