College Initiatives

Youth Career Awareness Program (YCAP)

YCAP introduces under-represented high school students to the technical programs at Dunwoody, while also focusing on college readiness and career exploration. During the school year, students attend monthly workshops on YCAP’s Life Skills curriculum at the Dunwoody campus. During the six-week summer session, students are introduced to and create projects within the college’s technical programs. All faculty are expected to support YCAP through teaching a class, presenting a project, or providing industry tours as assigned by your dean or manager. Students also visit businesses affiliated with Dunwoody, participate in team building activities, and improve their reading, writing, resume building, and interview skills through YCAP curriculum. Consult the Associate Director for Special Initiatives for more details.

Women in Technical Careers (WITC)

Women in Technical Careers is a scholarship program designed to help female students succeed in a technical degree program at Dunwoody College of Technology and launch into a great career. Students apply for the WITC program through the Women’s Initiatives office. The program primarily serves low-income women and non-binary individuals, women of color, and single parents. Students in the WITC program receive a scholarship of up to $20,000, a childcare stipend, monthly professional development workshops, targeted advising, and a mentor from their employment field. Please contact the Women’s Initiatives office with any questions about WITC, or visit