Professionalism and Conduct

Faculty members are expected to represent themselves and their curriculum in a professional, collegiate and respectful manner. At all times they are to set an example of mutual respect by establishing a learning atmosphere where all feel respected and free to express ideas.


The College is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free from discrimination and intimidation, including harassment and sexual misconduct. The College’s mission is best accomplished in an atmosphere of professionalism which, in turn, is supported by mutual respect and trust. Dunwoody expects all students and employees and others doing business with Dunwoody to work toward this goal.

Harassment or violence based on a person’s race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, veteran/military status, disability, age, sexual orientation, status in regard to public assistance, membership or activity in a local commission, genetic information, or any other protected class status is unlawful and is strictly prohibited. The College prohibits sexual misconduct of any kind.

This policy applies to all Dunwoody students, employees, volunteers, and all individuals and entities that do business with Dunwoody. Violation of this policy will lead to discipline, up to and including termination of employment for employees, expulsion or suspension from Dunwoody for students, or prohibition from doing business with Dunwoody and exclusion from Dunwoody’s campus for volunteers and third parties.

Recent changes to the Title IX laws require that all employees, at any institution receiving Title IV funding, receive Title IX training on an annual basis. While adherence to this requirement is critical to Dunwoody, it is as important that the College enhances its culture of treating all individuals fairly and equitably. The College sees Title IX adherence not only a legal requirement, but also as the right thing to do.

The complete policy can be found in the student handbook and employee handbook.


The classroom or lab is intended as the place where students are prepared for the professional workplace that they will encounter upon graduation. Most classrooms and labs on campus are shared between multiple instructors, so each instructor is expected to leave classrooms and labs in good order by:

  • Erasing all writing spaces
  • Clearing desks and tables
  • Removing any items that do not belong in the classroom or lab


Faculty are at the front line in regards to seeing that the best learning environment possible is provided for students. We ask that any maintenance issues noticed be reported by completing a Maintenance Request form.  (i.e.: repair of clocks, pencil sharpeners, broken furniture, damaged ceiling tiles, etc.). If immediate clean-up is required the security desk should be contacted at ext. 3328. Fluids that expose one to bloodborne pathogens require special clean-up processes.


Faculty members should dress so that they are easily recognized as an instructor. A neat, collegiate, professional dress appropriate for the classroom or lab is expected. Shorts, flip flops, inappropriate T-shirts are not acceptable. More casual attire may be appropriate on certain occasions as approved by a supervisor. Jeans of good quality and condition are approved to be worn on Fridays for all employees. Use good judgement. Dress for your day; if your day demands a nicer level of dress, please do so.