Any student wishing to withdraw from school should visit with the Student Affairs to determine if and when re-admittance to the College is feasible. Students who leave Dunwoody for personal, family, work, and similar reasons are encouraged to re-apply for a future term by connecting with the Admissions Department.

Students who wish to be re-admitted should submit a re-admit application. A student being re-admitted would need to follow the academic plan currently in place which may be different from the academic plan in place at the time the student initially withdrew.

Previous Unpaid Balances

Students wishing to re-admit to Dunwoody who have a financial hold on their account from the time of withdrawing from school must resolve the outstanding balances before being re-admitted and registered for classes. The Student Account’s Office should be consulted for assistance with resolving the debt.

Previous Academic/Pace Standing

Students wishing to re-admit to Dunwoody must meet with a program manager/dean and a representative from the Dean of Students Office prior to admittance to determine how their previous academic or pace standing may impact their registration. All re-admitted students will be subject to the current academic/pace requirements as defined in the satisfactory academic progress portion of this Catalog/Student Handbook.