International Students

Dunwoody College of Technology offers a project-based, technical education in a small-college setting. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dunwoody is a good fit for students who are looking to acquire technical skills and degrees that emphasize problem-solving and preparing for a career in a specific industry.

Dunwoody invites international students who are interested to apply to the College.

Admissions Requirements

To apply to Dunwoody, complete the online Application for Admission and pay the $50 application fee (payment instructions are included in the application).

As part of the application, you should also attach the following documents. So you should gather them before applying:

  1. Official High School Transcript. Written in English and evaluated by an outside agency. Students who are unable to provide transcripts from their home country, for any reason, are required to take the GED exam and present a certified copy of their GED transcript.
  2. Proof of English Proficiency. Dunwoody College requires all international applicants from a non-English speaking country to submit an English proficiency test score. English proficiency can be demonstrated by submitting ONE of the following official scores:
    • TOEFL: (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score report of 65 on the Internet Based TOEFL (iBT) with a subscore of 20 on the written and 20 on the speaking sections. Dunwoody Code: 9915
    • Duolingo (English Test) score of 90 or above.
    • IELTS: (International English Language Testing System) score report of 6.5.
    • SAT critical reading score of 450. Dunwoody Code: 2265
    • ACT English score of 19. Dunwoody Code: 6281
    • IB (International Baccalaureate) Higher Level English score of 4.
    • AP (College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement) examination in English Literature/Composition score of 4.
  3. Certification of Finances form (DOCX file). On this form indicate the financial sources for the expense of attending the college.
  4. Letter of Recommendation. Though not required, a letter of recommendation is strongly encouraged.
  5. Copy of passport picture page showing a minimum of 6 months validity.

Post-Admissions Requirements

  1. Complete the enrollment agreement form.
  2. Submit financial documentation.
    • Proof of financial capability requirements: U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations require the university maintain records showing you have met its financial requirements. You are responsible for demonstrating you have sufficient funds to meet all education and personal expenses for the duration of your F-1 status at the college. This means you must provide proof you have at least the amount necessary to cover your tuition, fees, living and personal expenses for your first academic year (nine months). NOTE: If you attend a summer session and/or bring your spouse or other dependents with you to the United States, you must certify you have the additional funding necessary to cover the additional costs. 
    • To submit bank statements/financial documentation: official proof of funding cannot be more than 3 months old at the time of application and funding needs to be in liquid assets only. Funds do not need to be in U.S. dollars. The documentation of funding (for applicant, family member & individual sponsor) must be on original bank letterhead stationery with a signature of a bank official in ink. A photocopy of a bank statement, savings account statement or certificate of deposit will also be accepted if it is stamped by the issuing bank in original stamp ink and has a signature of a bank official in ink. An English translation by an official translating agency may be necessary. If so, please provide this along with the documentation you submit. All financial documentation must be received before your immigration paperwork can be issued. Financial documentation should be emailed to
  3. Pay the $100.00 Tuition Deposit (you’ll receive information from Admissions on this once you have been accepted to the College).
  4. Submit the Transfer In Form (this is only for students already in the US on an F-1 visa.

 Additional documents required for students with dependents

  1. Copy of dependent passport photo page with a minimum of six month validity. 
  2. Proof of relationship: a marriage certificate for spouse; birth certificates for any children.