Construction Project Management (PMGT), Certificate

At Dunwoody College of Technology, the Construction Project Management certificate provides individuals with experience in the construction industry and training in the field of construction project management. Construction project managers facilitate successful projects during all phases of design and construction. They are the construction team leaders in the field and in the office.

Construction project managers develop and manage schedules and estimates and control and track construction costs. They seek to minimize risk by understanding risk management techniques including safety concerns, legal ramifications, codes and regulations, and financial decisions. Construction project managers monitor and report on the progress of construction activities to stakeholders.

Through the use of instructional projects, students learn the tools to become leaders of the construction team, including how to develop and manage schedules and estimates; and how to monitor and report on the progress of construction activities to stakeholders. Key themes include risk and safety management, ethical and legal implications, and document controls.

Courses utilize tangible projects to examine best practices, industry standards and applications with curriculum specifically designed to emulate various jobs performed in the professional work environment. Current industry software is used to create and manage documents for student projects. Instructed by practicing industry professionals, students learn to facilitate successful projects during all phases of construction. 

Credits earned in the Construction Project Management certificate directly transfer into Dunwoody's Construction Project Management (PMGT) associate's degree program. 

Credential Earned: Certificate
Length of Program: 1 Year (2 Semesters)
Classes Offered: Day; Evening; Distance Learning
Available Starts: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
  • Interpret construction documents.
  • Analyze building assemblies and systems during all phases of construction.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in current industry software.
  • Utilize industry equipment and tools for construction.
  • Implement safe practices in the built environment.
  • Implement bidding and estimating procedures.
  • Recognize the regulatory environment in design and construction.
  • Analyze phases of construction projects.
  • Apply business management methods.
CMGT1131Construction Plans & Measurements3
CMGT2221Construction Administration2
CMGT2132Construction Safety Management1
CMGT1231Construction Planning & Scheduling I3
CMGT1211Construction Estimating I3
CMGT2111Building Codes3
Technical Elective1
Total Credits16

The following sample academic plan demonstrates how a student's schedule might look on a semester-by-semester basis, including elective courses. Your actual degree plan may differ from this sequence, depending on whether you start in the fall or spring semester, what transfer credits you may have (if any), and which General Education courses and electives you take and when you take them.

The sample academic plan is for informational purposes only. To determine your academic plan, please meet with an academic advisor.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CMGT1131 Construction Plans & Measurements 3
CMGT2221 Construction Administration 2
CMGT2132 Construction Safety Management 1
Technical Elective 1
 Total Credits7
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CMGT1231 Construction Planning & Scheduling I 3
CMGT1211 Construction Estimating I 3
CMGT2111 Building Codes 3
 Total Credits9


CMGT1131 | Construction Plans & Measurements | Lecture (3 Credits)

Interpret architectural and engineering graphics and conventions using construction documents to identify materials and calculate quantities.

CMGT2221 | Construction Administration | Lecture (2 Credits)

Examine the requirements of Construction Administration using industry standard formats and procedures to understand the administrative requirements for their implications on a construction project.

CMGT2132 | Construction Safety Management | Seminar (1 Credit)

Examine the principles of construction safety management to develop strategies to prevent injuries on construction projects.

CMGT1231 | Construction Planning & Scheduling I | Lecture/Laboratory (3 Credits)

Analyze a sequence of construction tasks using network diagrams, Gantt charts, and the critical path method to create a project schedule.

CMGT1211 | Construction Estimating I | Lecture/Laboratory (3 Credits)

Integrate material quantities with costs through take-offs, estimates and bid analysis, to predict project costs.

CMGT2111 | Building Codes | Lecture (3 Credits)

Select and apply appropriate federal, state/provincial and municipal codes, standards and accessibility guidelines using industry standards with an emphasis on Life Safety Codes and the ADA to prepare for licensing exams, meet with codes officials, and to design spaces that enhance the health, safety and welfare of the general public.