General Education


  • WRIT2010 can also fulfill Communications with Writing category requirement on Academic Plan. 
COMM1010Business Communication3
COMM1030Project Communication3
COMM1150Interpersonal Communication3
COMM1910Communication Topics I1
COMM1920Communication Topics II2
COMM2000Communication for Technical Professions5
WRIT2010Technical Writing3


ARTS1000Introduction to Drawing3
ARTS1250History of Design3
HUMN1910Humanities Topics I1
HUMN1920Humanities Topics II2
HUMN2100The Literature of Migration3
PHIL1000Introduction to Logic2
PHIL2000Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL2400Introduction to Ethics2
PHIL3500Science, Technology & Society3
PHIL4000Ethical Decision-Making2


  • All mathematics courses can also fulfill the Natural Sciences/Mathematics requirements on Academic Plan. 
MATH1000Algebra & Trigonometry3
MATH1050Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry3
MATH1110Introductory College Algebra2
MATH1200Machine Math3
MATH1250Boolean Algebra3
MATH1300Boolean Algebra & Number Systems2
MATH1350Concepts of Calculus3
MATH1500Algebra, Trig & Boolean Algebra5
MATH1700Pre Calculus3
MATH1810Calculus I3
MATH1811Calculus I4
MATH1820Calculus II3
MATH1821Calculus II4
MATH1910Mathematics Topics I1
MATH1920Math Special Topics II2
MATH2260Probability & Statistics4
MATH2810Multi-Variable Calculus4
MATH2820Linear Algebra & Differential Equations4
MATH3000Intermediate Statistics2

Natural Sciences 

  • All natural sciences courses can also fulfill the Natural Sciences/Mathematics requirements on Academic Plan.   
BIOL1310Physiology I2
BIOL1320Physiology II2
BIOL1400Human Disease4
CHEM2000Introduction to Chemistry3
GSCI1080Environmental Science3
GSCI1090Current Events in Science3
GSCI1095How Science Explores the Natural World3
GSCI1200General Science2
GSCI1910General Science Topics I1
GSCI1920General Science Topics II2
GSCI3100Materials System Chemistry3
PHYS1001The Physics of Newton's Laws2
PHYS1810Calculus-Based Physics3

Physical Science with Lab

  • All Physical Science with Lab courses can also fulfill the Natural Sciences and Natural Sciences/Mathematics requirements on Academic Plan. GSCI3000 course can also fulfill the Upper Physical Science with Lab requirements on Academic Plan.  
CHEM2110Chemistry with Lab4
GSCI1081Environmental Science with Lab3
GSCI3000Applied Environmental Science with Lab3
PHYS1010Physics with Lab3
PHYS1800Physics I with Lab4
PHYS1820Physics II with Lab4

Social Sciences

  • PSYC1000 course can also fulfill the Psychology requirements on Academic Plan. SBSC1200 and SBSC2000 courses can also fulfill the Diversity requirements on Academic Plan. 
ECON1000Introduction to Micro & Macro Economics3
GEOG1000World Geography3
SBSC1000Cultural Diversity2
SBSC1200World Views & Religions3
SBSC2000Religion & Conflict3
SOC1910Social Sciences Topics I1
SOC1920Social Science Topics II2
SOC2400Sociology of Positive Interactions3
SOC2510Global Studies2

Upper Communications

COMM3000Professional Communication2
RSCH4000Research Methods3
WRIT4001Capstone Writing3
WRIT4020Capstone Technical Writing2

Upper Humanities

HUMN3000Human Creative Expression2
HUMN3500Science, Technology & Society3
HUMN3600Critical & Creative Thinking3
HUMN3910Arts & Humn Topics I1
HUMN4000Ethical Decision-Making2

Upper Social Sciences

  • Please note that PSYC3000 course can also fulfill the Upper Psychology requirements on Academic Plan.   
PSYC3000Organizational Behavior2
PSYC3100Psychology of Group Dynamics3
SOC3100Workforce Diversity Issues3
SOC3910Social Behavioral Sciences Topics 11