Identification Badges

All students, staff and visitors must have proper identification while they are on campus. The photo ID badges not only function as visual identification, but also supply electronic controlled access to identified areas throughout the campus.

Identification badges must be worn at all times while on campus. The identification badge must be worn or displayed on the person between the individual’s waist and shoulders with the front of the badge displayed outward at all times. It is important to emphasize that badges must be worn on the person and may not be attached to backpacks, purses or other such items. Badges must be visible and properly displayed upon entering the facility. All badges are subject to visual and electronic inspections at any given time.

Visitors are required to register at the front desk to obtain a visitors badge. Visitors must return the badge to the front desk before they leave the campus.

Identification badges should be obtained at the IT Help Desk during regular business hours. Dunwoody will supply individuals with their first badge and neck lanyard (breakaway or otherwise) at no charge. Badges that are lost or stolen should be reported as soon as possible to the Public Safety Officers or the IT Help Desk. Replacement badges will be produced and issued through the IT Help Desk at the individual’s expense. A replacement fee of $10.00 will be charged for all proximity cards (photo ID’s) and a $5.00 replacement fee will be charged for all Continuing Education, Apprenticeship and non-proximity I.D. cards.

Individuals who forget their badge will be issued a temporary badge by the Public Safety Officers for that specific day. One temporary badge per week will be issued per person.  Individuals requiring more than one temporary badge per week will be expected to purchase a replacement badge. Please note that temporary badges must be returned to the Public Safety Officers upon leaving the campus each day.