Volunteer Time Off

Dunwoody recognizes as part of our mission to change lives and build opportunities, we can also help improve our community through volunteer work.

The intention of the volunteer time off policy is to permit all regular benefit-eligible employees to take paid time off for volunteer activities during the business day.

Eligible employees are able to take up to 16 hours of time off with pay each fiscal year. These hours can be divided over the year, or can be focused into 2 working days. They are awarded on the first day of each fiscal year.

VTO is to be used for the following approved activities:

  • Personal volunteering activities, for a registered non-profit charity (501c3 or tax exempt charitable organization)
  • Disaster relief efforts (for a local organization)

To be eligible for ​VTO, an employee must:

  • Be in good performance standing (employees on a performance improvement plan (PIP) or in any disciplinary actions will not be permitted to take VTO until performance has been improved)
  • Receive manager approval before volunteering (just as you would for paid time off)