Special Requests and Complaints

Dunwoody College of Technology is committed to providing a high quality academic environment. As such any concerns or complaints that a student may have will be taken seriously and will be reviewed and followed to resolution. Below, Dunwoody outlined a process for various types of student complaints and special requests.

Student Complaints Disclaimer

Dunwoody College of Technology is licensed and registered through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, to whom students may want to submit certain types of complaints. To contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, please find their process and procedure here.

Students may also contact Registration and Licensing at the address below:

Registration & Licensing
Office of Higher Education
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55108
651-256-3965 or 1-800-657-3866
secure fax 651-797-1664


Special requests of the College can be made by completing a Student Request Form which requires a Dunwoody log in account to complete. These requests can be made by the student independently or in consultation with their Program Director, Academic Dean, or Department of Student Affairs. All completed Student Request forms are to be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs for consideration. Once the request is submitted, the Dean of Student Affairs will notify the student of the determination as promptly as possible. Most determinations will be made immediately with every effort made to respond within ten business days of submission.

Types of Complaints

Academic and Non-Academic

Requested by students regarding the facilitation of their learning and their student role. Please refer to the “Complaint Procedure for Academic and Non-Academic Complaints” below.

Grade Appeals

Please refer to the “Grade Appeal Policy” 


Please refer to the “Unlawful Harassment and Sexual Conduct Policy” 

Sexual Misconduct

Please refer to the “Unlawful Harassment and Sexual Conduct Policy” 

Complaint Procedure for Academic and Non-Academic Complaints

Most requests or concerns are best addressed as near as possible to the source of the concern with the individual involved, if appropriate. If the concern is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, if the complainant feels unsure of who to talk with or is uncomfortable, or if the complainant has additional concerns, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs should be contacted, where the request or complaint policy will be executed.

  • All requests and complaints received must be in writing using a Request form or a Complaint form. Forms are available from the Dean of Student Affairs

  • All requests and complaints are to be filed and discussed with the Dean of Student Affairs.

  • Any complaint involving medical information will be protected by the College and confidentiality will be maintained. Release will not take place without the student’s consent. After the complaint has been discussed, an investigation will occur.

  • The length of the investigation will vary depending on the circumstances. Most investigations will be resolved rapidly– basic requests the same day; others where more investigation is required in less than 20 working days; only in the rare complex case will the investigation take more than 60 days. The student will be informed as to the progress in investigating the complaint.

  • The student involved will be notified of the outcome of the investigation and resolution process either verbally or in writing dependent upon the complaint.

  • It is understood that when the complaint involves two individuals at the College, retaliation is not tolerated and will be dealt with consistency and with College policies. Any retaliation is to be reported immediately to the Dean of Student Affairs' or Provost’s Office.

  • If the student is concerned with the final outcome, they may submit a written appeal to the Provost within five business days of receiving the outcome. An appeal is not considered a rehearing of the concern, but a review of the outcome based upon the results of the investigation that was undertaken. The student will be notified of the results of the Provost’s review in writing within 10 business days of filing the appeal.

  • All requests and appeals received by the Dean of Student Affairs will be logged and analyzed for continuous quality improvement purposes consistent with Federal Title IV requirements.