Third Party Funding and Reimbursement

Third Party Billing

Dunwoody provides the option for students to bill their tuition and fees directly to an outside party, such as an employer, agency, or outside scholarship provider. 

Third Party Funding

Any student who receives third party funding that is not a reimbursement should work with the Accounting Department and provide the appropriate documentation so the third party can be billed for the approved expenses. Dunwoody requires students to provide consent to the College to release student account and billing information to third parties. Students are responsible for any expenses not covered by the third party (such as fees, course materials, or any bookstore charges applied to the student's account). Student Accounts will assist students with paying remaining balances. Balances not paid by the due dates are subject to late and default fees.

Third Party Reimbursement

Any student who receives third-party reimbursement is required to pay the balance by the published due dates. A student who receives reimbursement from a third party must pay their balance at Dunwoody with Student Accounts and request reimbursement from the third party to reimburse themselves, not the school. Balances not paid by the due dates are subject to late and default fees.

Contact Accounting Department
  • Green 66
  • Phone: 612.381.8228
Contact Student Accounts