Core Abilities

Dunwoody College of Technology believes that there are certain abilities and attributes every student graduating from a Dunwoody program should demonstrate regardless of their field of study. They are integral to success in the workforce and emulate the overarching mission, vision and values of the College. These abilities and attributes will be taught, encouraged, and assessed throughout their program of study, both in Arts & Science and Technical classes. Every Dunwoody graduate will be able to:

Apply Math Skills 

Criteria include:

  1. Perform technically appropriate computations

  2. Calculate using information from graphs and charts

  3. Compute applied calculations

  4. Conduct measurements properly

  5. Use formulas to conduct calculations

Communicate Effectively 

Criteria include:
  1. Demonstrate active listening skills
  2. Consider audience and adapt communication
  3. Use technology to communicate effectively
  4. Write/render clearly, concisely, and accurately
  5. Speaks clearly, concisely, and accurately
  6. Use non-verbal responses in a professional manner
  7. Produce accurate technical documentation
  8. Apply correct source citations

Demonstrate Personal Integrity 

Criteria include:
  1. Take responsibility for his/her own learning and actions
  2. Choose ethical courses of action
  3. Complete quality work without supervision
  4. Exhibit respect for people and property
  5. Demonstrate civic responsibilities
  6. Demonstrate professional behavior
  7. Cope with change effectively

Use Critical/Creative Thinking 

Criteria include:
  1. Analyze observed data in a creative way to make decisions
  2. Apply scientific process to solve problems
  3. Refine plans based on feedback
  4. Combine ideas or information in new ways
  5. Identify goals, generate alternatives, gather information, weigh pros and cons, and choose best alternative

Use Technology Productively 

Criteria include:
  1. Use tools associated with your discipline proficiently
  2. Exhibit flexibility and receptivity through changing technologies
  3. Distinguish when technology is useful or not useful in your career field

Respect Diversity 

Criteria include:
  1. Demonstrate respect for the opinions, customs, and individual differences of others
  2. Display an appreciation for various forms of cultural expressions
  3. Appreciate social contributions by people of diverse populations

Work Collaboratively 

Criteria include:
  1. Contribute to a group with ideas, suggestions and effort
  2. Work toward agreements  which involves exchanging resources
  3. Understand group dynamics
  4. Take individual ownership in a collaborative environment
  5. Provide and accept constructive feedback