Witness Duty

Dunwoody encourages employees to appear in court for witness duty when subpoenaed to do so. If employees have been subpoenaed or otherwise requested to testify as witnesses by Dunwoody, they will receive paid time off for the entire period of witness duty.

Employees will be granted unpaid time off to appear in court as a witness when requested by a party other than Dunwoody. Employees should use any available paid leave benefit (such as PTO) to receive compensation for the period of this absence.

The subpoena should be shown to the employee’s supervisor immediately after it is received so that operating requirements can be adjusted, where necessary, to accommodate the employee’s absence. The employee is expected to report for work whenever the court schedule permits.

Type Notice Req. Time Off Allowed Other Benefits Other
Voting 2 days Undefined No impact May use PTO
Jury Prior to Leave 2 weeks/yr No impact Show summons. May use PTO or Unpaid leave if goes beyond 2 weeks.
Witness (Requested by Dunwoody Prior to Leave Undefined No impact Receive normal pay. Show subpoena.
Witness (Requested by party other than Dunwoody) Prior to Leave Undefined No impact (if paid leave) Show subpoena. May use PTO or Unpaid Leave.