Social Behavior Science (SBSC)

SBSC1200 | World Views & Religions | Lecture (3 Credits)

Explore the history and culture of several major world views and religions that continue to shape how people experience and interpret the world. Identify the institutions and their founders; determine the essential teachings, rituals, and sources of authority as well as different interpretations of each. Examine some of the essential differences and similarities which exist among each to develop the ability to think both empathetically and critically about each.

General Education: Social Sciences

SBSC2000 | Religion & Conflict | Lecture (3 Credits)

Introduction to the questions that religion tries to answer and how the major world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam attempt to answer those questions. Analyze the validity of the theory that religion is a major cause of conflict and suffering in the world today compared to other belief systems. Examine how different religions come into conflict with societal norms, expectations, laws, and structures. Summarize religion's unique contributions to society.

General Education: Social Sciences