Pre-Media Technologies (PREP)

PREP2111 | Advanced Structural Design | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Design and produce elaborate folded structures such as free standing displays and pop-up designs, as well as other paper, paperboard and corrugated structures including furniture and other recyclable and useful products. Produce virtualized 3D visualizations of designs prior to committing them to physical material. Opportunity to compete for national recognition in folding carton design may be available through this class.

Prerequisite(s): GAPT1210

PREP2120 | Imposition & Variable Output | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Inquiry into the many techniques used for the organized output of multiple pages, designs or images. Page imposition, step and repeat, ganging and nesting are considered. Examine the basic software and workflow tools and techniques for personalized printing, variable data, and one-to-one marketing.

Prerequisite(s): PREP1210 Or GAPT1210

PREP2130 | Job Engineering | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

A lab-intensive inquiry into the planning, execution and automation of pre-media workflow in order to maximize efficiency, productivity and repeatability in a fast-paced networked environment. Use the latest high end pre-media software in conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite.

Prerequisite(s): PREP1210 Or GAPT1210

PREP2210 | Asset Management | Laboratory (1 Credit)

Industry’s best practices related to the storage, back up, organization, cataloguing, retrieval and repurposing of digital assets; includes naming conventions, compression techniques, metadata, RAID levels and cloud storage.

PREP2220 | 3-D Imaging | Laboratory (1 Credit)

The creation and manipulation of three-dimensional images intended for online use for video, animations and remote proofing, using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, ArtiosCAD and Studio Visualizer.

PREP2230 | Large Format Production | Laboratory (1 Credit)

The creation, printing, finishing and installation of graphics intended for large and grande format inkjet output. Produce and install floor graphics, murals and wraps.

PREP2240 | Pre-Media Portfolio | Studio (1 Credit)

The planning, organization and preparation of both physical and digital presentations demonstrating breadth of competencies and individual strengths, for the purpose of professional advancement.

PREP2250 | Pre-Media Capstone | Capstone (4 Credits)

Applying and developing technical skills and professional behavior for pre-media technicians; a closely supervised, project- based experience.

PREP2253 | Pre-Media Capstone | Capstone (3 Credits)

Apply and develop technical skills and professional behavior for graphic designers; a closely supervised, project based experience.