Business Management with MIS Concentrn (MISB)

MISB3211 | Systems Analysis Practicum | Practicum (2 Credits)

Survey of the various approaches for software development from traditional systems analysis to contemporary agile methods, UML and object-oriented design. Develop models and prototypes to practice the processes and techniques needed to design and build quality software systems.

MISB3221 | Database Technologies | Practicum (2 Credits)

Database technologies and the resources (hardware and software) that are needed to implement the various database systems needed to run an organization at the management level.

MISB4111 | Management of Distributed Systems | Practicum (2 Credits)

Integration of data and users with an emphasis on security will be used in client/server, Internet, intranet/extranet, and other technologies. Review state-of-the-art technologies in each of the basic software and hardware arenas, while emphasizing management models and higher-level analysis using the computer.

MISB4211 | Management Information Systems II | Practicum (2 Credits)

Examine budgeting, how to write RFP's (Request for Proposal), contract management, capacity planning, operations and user support, orphan ware, writing and enforcing policies. Identify aspects of security in software programs, social engineering, and network security.

Prerequisite(s): MISB4210