Graphics & Printing Technologies (GAPT)

GAPT1110 | Design Principles & Applications | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Introduction to design principles and processes, including creative problem solving, design work flows, and industry best practices; includes typography, drawing, layout and composition. Explore Adobe Creative Suite.

GAPT1120 | Pre-Media Principles & Applications | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Introduction to pre-media principles and processes. Input, edit, output and archive media assets for all possible print and online outcomes. Explore various pre-media workflows, using industry best practices.

GAPT1130 | 21st Century Graphic Communication | Lec/Lab (3 Credits)

Introduction to digital and analog print processes, and various bindery and finishing technologies. Prepare and test for Flexographic Technical Association Level One Certification.

GAPT1141 | Introduction to Web Design | Laboratory (1 Credit)

Introduction to web design using a graphical user interface web development tool. Basics of HTML and CSS with an emphasis on web design principles and file management.

GAPT1150 | Introduction to Color Theory | Lecture (1 Credit)

The importance and power of color in graphic communication, brand identity, and color reproduction. Color psychology, science and applications. Hands-on exploration of RGB, LAB and CMYK color spaces.

GAPT1210 | Packaging Design | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Investigate the concepts of folding carton design and production for retail and commercial use. Client-driven creation of a custom folding carton from structural design through finished branded prototype and formal presentation. Train on industry standard ArtiosCAD and Studio Visualizer software to produce virtual 3D animations and physical mock-ups.

GAPT1220 | Applied Color Theory | Laboratory (1 Credit)

Practice the use of color from design through output. Color palettes, color matching systems, process and custom inks, color separating, color measurement, color indexing, introduction to color management.

Prerequisite(s): GAPT1150

GAPT1230 | Image Composition & Effects | Laboratory (1 Credit)

Investigate Photoshop core competencies for designers and pre-media technicians related to image editing and compositing. Practice masking, layer organization and blending, basic color correction, vector/raster collage work, subject silhouetting, and creating shadows and reflections.

Prerequisite(s): GAPT1120

GAPT2110 | Color Management | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Cross-disciplinary course uniting design, pre-media and press students for the practical application of color managed work flows. Calibration, characterization, and conversion best practices. Team based creation and production of related color print samples managed across multiple devices.

Prerequisite(s): GAPT1220

GAPT2120 | Web Graphics | Lec/Lab (2 Credits)

Introduction to web design from creating wire frames to finished mockups. Emphasis is on web page layout and the creation and formatting of the graphic elements on a web page.

Prerequisite(s): CWEB1000, Or CWEB1010, Or CDEV1010

GAPT2230 | Business of Print | Lecture (1 Credit)

The basics of print business operations, including profit and loss, equipment costs, rates and shift considerations, wages and benefits, and domestic versus offshore production. Other related topics include lean manufacturing and six sigma principles, as well as emerging shifts toward consultative practices, marketing and brand management, as practiced in the packaging and digital printing industries.

GAPT2240 | Graphic Arts Industry Internship | Internship (4 Credits)

Applying and developing technical skills and professional behavior; monitored on-the-job work experience.

GAPT2241 | Graphic Arts Industry Internship | Internship (2 Credits)

Monitored on the job work experience. Apply and develop technical skills and professional behavior.

GAPT2243 | Graphic Arts Industry Internship | Internship (3 Credits)

Apply and develop technical skills and professional behavior; monitored on-the-job work experience.