Web Development (CDEV)

CDEV1010 | Introduction to Web Development | Lec/Studio (3 Credits)

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Basic page structure, tags, link, text formatting, forms, tables, and debugging with trouble-shooting skills. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), advanced formatting and layout. Integration of web scripting languages (like JavaScript) into existing web pages to increase user-friendliness and functionality. Creation of scripts for new pages.

CDEV1011 | Programming Fundamentals I | Lecture (2 Credits)

Basic programming principles like data types, variables, expressions, operators, Boolean Logic, algorithm creation, flowcharts. Structured programming and programming logic constructs (sequence, selection, and loops). Abstraction, modularization, dynamic and static data structures.

CDEV1110 | Advanced Programming | Lec/Studio (4 Credits)

Create windows based applications. High-level, event-driven programming language concepts with an emphasis on user interface. Advanced object-oriented languages.

CDEV1111 | Programming Fundamentals II | Lecture (2 Credits)

Object-oriented and event driven-programming. Program construction, software creation problem-solving. Programming structures and coding recipes. Concrete application of concepts using easy-to-use but fully functional programming languages. Visual coding and environments. Game theory including collision and boundary detection. Versioning systems, testing strategies, change management tools.

CDEV1120 | Data Organization | Lec/Studio (4 Credits)

Language syntax, document model, document types, schemas and stylesheets from eXtensible Markup Language (XML) with a focus on creating structured content and data for business application. Integration of relational database concepts and design of database management systems for enterprise information needs. Business rules analyzed to diagram data models with Unified Modeling Language (UML). Structured Query Language (SQL) used for data definition to construct physical databases, for data manipulation and for data computation.

CDEV1210 | Applied Programming Language Concepts | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Apply skills in fundamental programming concepts, data types and expression; controlling structures, function, arrays, file operations, basic debugging techniques, and common algorithms.

Prerequisite(s): CNET1111

CDEV1220 | Data Schemas | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Explore database architecture and the components used in implementation; how to represent information with the relational database model, manipulating data with an interactive query language (SQL) to internet applications while utilizing best practices in database security.

Prerequisite(s): CNET1111

CDEV2000 | Business Architecture | Lec/Studio (3 Credits)

Business concepts such as human resource development, marketing, investing, security, legal, and entrepreneurship. Types of businesses including e-commerce, consulting, outsourcing, and training topics. Various development approaches for software development from traditional systems analysis to contemporary agile methods and beyond. Developing models and prototypes to practice the processes and techniques needed to design and build quality software systems.

CDEV2011 | Business Applications | Lecture (4 Credits)

Transition of static HTML web sites to complex data integrated applications. Server-side scripting. Difference between coding a page and coding a site or full project. Customization and integration of many complex pieces of code and parts of a web site into a single cohesive web application.

CDEV2020 | Databases: Philosophy & Practice | Lec/Studio (3 Credits)

Structured Query Language, database normalization, database management systems (DBMS), implementation-independent database design, security. Database server technology for enterprise-class data services and complex business logic. Server architecture, data integrity, data types, indexing, constratins, stored procedures, database schemas.

CDEV2110 | Web Publishing | Lec/Studio (5 Credits)

Techniques central to web publishing. Open-source and proprietary languages built for the web. Tools used to publish content online. Interactive, data-driven web applications for web storefronts. Scripting templates, databases, file system, directories and other enterprise systems for developing web application services.

CDEV2111 | Enterprise Web Applications | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Develop and apply solutions for transitioning from static web content into responsive data driven Enterprise ready web applications.

Prerequisite(s): CDEV1210

CDEV2120 | Database Management Systems | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Use database system management tools in developing data models and relational databases utilizing SQL language and query optimization.

Prerequisite(s): CDEV1220

CDEV2210 | Web Hosting Applications & Services | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Design, code, and test Enterprise web content solutions using both open source and proprietary languages and tools.

Prerequisite(s): CDEV2111

Corequisite(s): CDEV2220

CDEV2220 | Big Data | Lec/Lab (5 Credits)

Create and use data to solve problems in diverse and large data sets. Work with hosted solutions for data storage and querying.

Prerequisite(s): CDEV2120

Corequisite(s): CDEV2210